When Should You Insist On A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Posted on: 4 August 2016

Sometimes you need a storage unit because you are between homes. Sometimes you need a storage unit to store toys or tools that you no longer have room for in your garage or yard. There are a couple different types of storage units you can rent to accommodate your needs. For example, you could rent an outdoor unit, which has nothing more than an overhead door between it and the outside world. You can also rent a climate-controlled unit. Knowing which to rent depends on what you plan to store. 

Outdoor Units

If you store  your lawnmower, boat, or motorcycle in your storage unit, you do not need it to be climate controlled. You pretty much only need your unit to keep your equipment out of the weather. Thus, if a little dust and or humidity gets into your unit around the seals in the door, it should not cause too much of a problem for your boat or lawnmower. You also want to be able to access your unit with a truck and/or trailer. Whenever you are storing large items or items that are not highly susceptible to dust and humidity, an outdoor unit should be adequate.

Climate-Controlled Units

If you have a piano, artwork, electronics, or any other items that are susceptible to damage, you need to take extra care when storing them. You could, for example, put a sheet of plastic over a piano to prevent dust from getting down into its internal workings, but humidity in the air could still condense on the inside of the plastic, drip, and damage the piano. Dust and humidity can similarly cause problems for artwork and other sensitive items. Simply throwing your delicate belongings in the most readily accessible unit provides no guarantee that they will be in good condition when you come to retrieve them. Thus, while you might have to pay extra for a climate-controlled unit, the extra cost is worth it if it means that your belongings will be in good shape when you come to get them out of storage. 

Whether a storage locker is climate-controlled or not should not be the only deciding factor when choosing a storage facility. You should also look at the security provided by the facilities you look at. As a basic rule, you should rent a locker from whichever facility promises to keep your belongs save from intruders and the elements. Security and climate-controlled lockers come with a price, but failing to properly protect your belongings may end up costing you more money than you pay on rent. 

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