Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter Storage

Posted on: 10 August 2016

With the fall months approaching, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to do with your summer car before the snow flies. If you're putting your convertible into storage until next summer, you need to start preparing now. The more proactive you can be, the better your chances are of keeping your car in good condition for next season. Here are a few things you should do as you get your vehicle ready for car storage.

Schedule a complete tune-up. The best time to do a tune up on your car is before you put it into storage. That way, you can be confident that everything is at its best before you put the car up for the season. This eliminates the risk of worn plugs or damaged wires that could keep the car from starting up when you take it out of storage.

Preserve the brakes. Before putting the car up for the season, you need to protect the brake lines. Your brake fluid could absorb moisture if it's a glycol-based fluid. If this happens, the moisture could ultimately damage the entire brake system. Don't use the emergency brake when you park the car in storage, because the brake shoes may rust solid if you do. Instead, chock the wheels once the car is parked.

Treat the fuel tank. Make sure your fuel tank is filled completely; any open space in the tank provides space for the tank to form condensation. That condensation can damage the fuel. In addition, when fuel sits for too long, it can thicken, destroying the injection lines. Treat the gas tank with a fuel stabilizer before you put the car in storage to prevent that from happening.

Disconnect the battery. Once you've parked the car in storage, take the battery out. Make sure the terminals are clean, then put the battery somewhere dry and cool for the season. You may even want to connect the battery to a trickle charger to ensure that the battery maintains a charge while the car is in storage.

Select the right car cover. Covering your car in storage protects it from dust, debris, and other environmental contaminants. It is important, though, that you choose the right cover. Select a fabric that's breathable so that you don't trap any moisture under the cover. Plastic and other waterproof materials are likely to trap moisture, which can cause things like corrosion and rust.


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