Keep Bugs & Rodents Out Of Your Storage Unit By Following These Simple Tips

Posted on: 29 September 2016

The last thing you want getting into your storage unit are bugs and rodents; they will destroy your belongings. You can prevent bugs and rodents from getting into your unit by taking the three precautionary steps discussed below.

#1 Don't Store Food Items

Most storage facilities do not allow tenants to store perishable food items inside of their storage unit such as fresh fruit and meats. Some storage facilities also do not allow people to store any dry goods either.

Regardless of the rules, it is a smart idea to keep all food out of your storage unit, including dry goods. These goods can easily accident get tipped over or their containers could become compromised, thus creating an idea food source that will attract bugs and rodents to your unit. 

#2 Keep Plants Out Of Your Unit

Most storage facilities also do not allow you to keep plants inside of your storage unit because they can attract bugs. Even if this rule it is not in effect it is a good rule to follow.

You should also keep soil and seeds out of your storage unit as well, as both of these items, though not technically plants, can easily attract bugs to your unit.

#3 Clean Your Belongings

Many bugs and rodents don't need a large food source in order to turn your storage facility into your home. A little pizza grease stain on a jacket and crumbs left inside of a waffle maker may be all it takes to attract bugs and rodents to your unit. 

If you are going to keep clothes inside of your storage unit, be sure to wash and dry all of your clothing before you box it up. For shoes, be sure to wipe down the sides and bottom to get rid of all the dirt. Vacuum off all furniture and appliances. Thoroughly clean off all cooking equipment. 

Do your best to clean and remove all food and dirt residue from all of your items before they go into storage. If you have anything in your storage unit that you are not sure is clean, take it out and clean it again before putting it back.

#4 Clean Your Storage Unit

Before you put your belongings inside of your storage unit, make sure that it is really clean. Vacuum or sweep out your storage unit and then mop it if appropriate. Use a rag and wipe down all the walls to ensure that their is no dust or debris on them that could attract bugs. Although your storage unit should be clean, it is always a good idea to give it an extra cleaning.

If you have a storage unit that you have rented for a long time, it is a good idea to take everything out of your storage unit at least once a year. When you remove everything, clean the floors and walls of your storage unit and wipe down all of your boxes.

If you follow the tips above, no unwanted guests should want to take up residence in your storage unit with your belongings. The managers of your unit, someone like Glenbrook Self Storage, may have some tips as well. 


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