5 Items You Should Ensure Are Not Restricted Before Placing In A Storage Unit

Posted on: 3 October 2016

Everyone from the typical resident to business owners will likely use storage at some point in their life, whether it is to clear clutter or store extra inventory. If you have in mind to rent a storage unit for whatever purpose, you should know that there are often guidelines set forth by facilities about what can and cannot be stored within the unit. Before you load up your belongings and head over to your chosen facility to store them, make sure you ask before storing any of the following items, as they could be restricted.


That old car that has been taking up room in your garage or that surprise vehicle for your child's upcoming sweet sixteen may fit in a storage unit, but vehicles are not always an allowable storage item. Vehicles house fluids which could be flammable, such as oil or gasoline, which could mean a level of liability that the facility is not willing to take on. Likewise, things like riding mowers, ATVs, and even motorcycles may not be allowed. So if you are planning to stow away a vehicle of any kind in a storage unit, it is best to clear it with management first or look over your contract to see if storing a vehicle is restricted. 

Guns and Ammunition

Say you just inherited your granddad's gun collection and need a temporary place to store it or you own a gun and ammo shop and need a spot to store extra inventory. If you plan to stick guns and ammo in a storage unit, it is definitely wise to get clearance from the facility manager first. Ammunition is considered a risk by some facilities and even guns may be prohibited due to legal concerns. Some facilities allow guns and not ammunition, or they may allow gun parts but not guns which are fully assembled. 


If you are creating a stash of survival goods or need a spot to store your non-perishable food items for your restaurant, a storage unit sounds logical. However, many storage facilities have restrictions in place where food is concerned, simply because storing food can contribute to a pest issue and a major mess if they have to clean out the unit in the event it is abandoned. You may find a storage facility that allows you to store shelf-stable foods, like canned goods or dried lentils, and you may even find a facility that offers climate-controlled units specifically for food storage. But it is always best to ask about food storage restrictions in advance. 

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Storing Birthday Gifts

My mom recently celebrated her 60th birthday. Many of her close friends and family members dined with her at a local restaurant on this special day. At this time, my dear mom received numerous birthday presents. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the space in her home to store them all. However, she can’t bear to get rid of them. Thankfully, she can safely house them in a rented storage unit. Do you struggle to find space in your home to store presents or other belongings you just don't need on a regular basis? Perhaps you’ve regretted disposing of gifts or items in the past. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of placing your items used less often in a storage unit where you can treasure them forever. Enjoy!

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