Bought A Ton Of New Furniture But Don't Want To Pay For Delivery? Do This Instead

Posted on: 16 August 2018

If you are picking up a large load of furniture but the weather is going to be possibly raining or snowing, you probably don't want to risk using a truck and trying to cover the pieces with plastic or trying to fit the items in an SUV. Paying for delivery from the furniture company can also be costly. Instead, you want to simply pick up a small U-Haul truck rental for the job. Here are some of the benefits to doing this.

Drive or Pull

You can get the size that you need based on the amount of furniture that you have. If you only need a small unit, get something that will attach to the back of your car that you are already familiar driving. If something larger is needed, you will want to get a vehicle that you drive that has the storage area attached to the back.

Perfect for Hauling

These units are designed for hauling. The back end is low to the ground so it's easy to lift things inside, which is much different than a traditional truck bed. You may also be able to get a dolly from the rental facility if you need one to get the furniture pieces out of the truck and into your home without hurting yourself or doing a lot of labor.

Unload the Old Furniture

You also get to unload the old furniture that you had that you want to haul away, and you won't have to worry about putting it out on the side of the road or paying someone to pick up your junk. Instead, take it to the local dump and pay a small fee to dump it on your way back to return to the rental truck. This makes getting rid of the old stuff fast and easy.

If you have a driver's license and a debit or credit card, it should be easy to walk in and rent a small trailer that you can use to haul the furniture that you just purchased and also to get rid of the old furniture you don't want anymore. Talk with the rental company to see if they pay for the hours that you have the truck or trailer or if instead they pay by the mile. This is the easiest way to find out how much it will cost and how much you want to spend for the project.  


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