Recovering From An Injury? Rent A Storage Unit To Move Your Boat From A Dock

Posted on: 19 July 2019

While healthy, you may love taking your boat out on the water so much that you keep it docked for most of the year. Instead of having to prepare to take your boat out to a nearby water source, you can just drive to the dock where your boat is located and get everything set up in minutes.

However, when you get injured and know that you have a lengthy recovery process, you should consider moving your boat from the wet dock to a storage unit until you recover completely.


In a healthy state, you may not mind the extra work that comes with keeping your boat in the water. The bottom is subject to constant water exposure, which means you need to take care of the paint and any growth that must get removed to avoid complications from heavy buildup.

This kind of upkeep is something that you can eliminate by storing your boat in a dry area. Not worrying about your boat's condition should help you recover at the fastest rate possible.


When you are not able to go out to the dock to check on your boat at any time, you may find it a lot more difficult to keep your boat in excellent condition. For instance, recovering from your injury may keep you checking on the boat if a heavy storm is on the way or has already passed.

By using an indoor storage unit or facility, you can feel confident about the boat not being exposed to things that could cause damage over time such as direct sunlight and hail. Another thing that you will benefit from is not having to worry about potential theft or vandalism.


While you may find that the value of wet docking is worthwhile when you are able to use your boat often, you may not intend on using your boat for many months. This reduces or eliminates the value that comes with keeping your boat in the water throughout the recovery process.

If you want to maximize savings while protecting your boat in storage, you will benefit from putting it into dry storage until you feel comfortable with using the boat again.

Although you may not like the idea of avoiding the water while you recover from a tough injury, you should consider renting a storage unit to keep your boat in during this period of time. To learn more, contact a company such as LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center.


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