Preservation and Storage: Why a Heated Storage Unit Can Be a Smart Idea

Posted on: 2 December 2020

When you're looking for storage, you might have seen heated storage units on offer. Perhaps this term makes you imagine your possessions all needing to keep warm over the winter months, despite the fact that nobody is actually there to enjoy the toasty conditions. Heated storage is in fact just climate-controlled storage, and it's not necessarily going to be noticeably warm in there either. But still, why does the climate inside a storage unit even matter?

Electronic Devices Appreciate Climate Control

Heated storage is best when you're storing electronic devices. This makes a lot of sense since one of the key aims of climate-controlled storage is to regulate the relative humidity inside the space. When humidity is dependent on the local conditions both inside and outside the unit, it's possible for excess humidity to contaminate the contents of the unit. This is particularly problematic with your electronic devices. Excess humidity can lead to an accumulation of moisture, which can spell trouble for anything electric. To keep electronic devices in good working order, their storage conditions must be strictly regulated.

Porous or Absorbent Items

It's not only electronic devices that benefit from climate-controlled storage. It also creates favorable conditions for anything porous or absorbent, and this probably covers a great deal of your precious possessions. Just think of your books, your upholstered furniture, or even your family photos. Sure, a book collection and furniture can be replaced, although this is a completely avoidable expense. But anything of sentimental value (such as your photos) cannot always be replaced.

Longer Storage Needs

If you need to utilize storage for an extended period of time, you need to be extra careful that your items remain in the best possible condition during their months (or even years) inside the unit. Instead of renting a large storage unit to hold the entirety of your possessions, think about renting two storage units — one that is heated, and one without climate control. Of course, this is going to cost more, but when your ultimate goal is not only for your items to be stored but also for them to be preserved, then it can be a worthy expense.

If you didn't much care about what happened to your possessions, you'd just take them straight to the garbage dump before forgetting all about them. If they're going into a storage unit, remember that they don't merely need to be stored — they need to be preserved too.


Storing Birthday Gifts

My mom recently celebrated her 60th birthday. Many of her close friends and family members dined with her at a local restaurant on this special day. At this time, my dear mom received numerous birthday presents. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the space in her home to store them all. However, she can’t bear to get rid of them. Thankfully, she can safely house them in a rented storage unit. Do you struggle to find space in your home to store presents or other belongings you just don't need on a regular basis? Perhaps you’ve regretted disposing of gifts or items in the past. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of placing your items used less often in a storage unit where you can treasure them forever. Enjoy!

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