Myths That Can Mislead You About Using A Self-Storage Facility

Posted on: 1 March 2021

If you are wanting to make managing the interior space of your home easier, it may be useful to invest in a storage unit for many of the large and small items that you no longer need on a regular basis. Unfortunately, common misinformation about using these services can make it much harder to understand what to expect from using these services.

Myth: It Is Risky To Keep Your Items In A Self-Storage Unit

When individuals need to choose a storage option for their items, they will want to be sure that their belongings are kept as safe as possible while being stored. To this end, self-storage units can be among the best options. This is due to the fact that many of these facilities will offer security guards and other protections to ensure that unauthorized individuals are not allowed on the property. Furthermore, you will be able to purchase an extremely durable and secure lock for your unit that will reduce the ability for individuals to break into your unit and tamper with your items.

Myth: You Will Always Have To Rent A Large Storage Unit

A common assumption about self-storage units is that individuals are required to rent full-sized units. This may be excessive for those who only want to store a relatively small number of items. Luckily, many storage providers will allow individuals the option of renting smaller storage units that may only be a fraction of the size of a full-size unit. This can be an excellent option for providing yourself with storage space while minimizing the costs that you will have to pay to keep a few items safely stored. Prior to renting one of these smaller units, you should make a visual inspection of it to get a better sense of the dimensions that it has to determine whether or not your items will fit in it.  

Myth: Retrieving Your Items From Your Unit Can Be Difficult

There is an assumption among some individuals that using a self-storage unit will always make it hard to be able to retrieve their belongings when needed. In reality, individuals will find that these facilities will make it extremely easy for them to obtain the items from their unit. For example, storage providers can give their customers an access code that can allow them to enter the storage unit area at any time. Furthermore, these facilities will often have ample lighting so that retrieving items after sunset or later at night can be relatively easy.

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My mom recently celebrated her 60th birthday. Many of her close friends and family members dined with her at a local restaurant on this special day. At this time, my dear mom received numerous birthday presents. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the space in her home to store them all. However, she can’t bear to get rid of them. Thankfully, she can safely house them in a rented storage unit. Do you struggle to find space in your home to store presents or other belongings you just don't need on a regular basis? Perhaps you’ve regretted disposing of gifts or items in the past. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of placing your items used less often in a storage unit where you can treasure them forever. Enjoy!

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