Debating On Storing Or Winterizing Your Motorcycle? Get A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Today

Posted on: 16 November 2021

If you have a motorcycle that doesn't get as much use as you thought it would and you are paying a fortune for an extra parking spot where you live or are worried about space in your garage, get a storage unit.

Not only can a storage unit be an affordable way to keep the motorcycle protected and safe, but a climate-controlled unit can also help preserve the bike when it isn't being used. Here are key questions to ask and consider when choosing the right storage facility for you.

Is Climate Control Necessary?

Storing a motorized vehicle in a climate-controlled storage unit can have many benefits. For motorcycle owners, you wouldn't have to worry about:

  • Battery power loss or damages from freezing cold temperatures
  • Diluted fluids from condensation caused by temperature changes in the fluid containers
  • Tire pressure concerns because of cold temperatures

Climate control may not be necessary but could be a great advantage when it comes to preserving your bike when it isn't in use.

What Are the Lease Terms?

Compare costs and expect that the longer the lease the lower the monthly payment will be. Paying in advance or setting up a direct deposit can sometimes allow you to get a price break. There are also different sizes, so if you don't want to spend a lot, make sure that you only get the size of unit needed to store the bike.

Ask if there is insurance coverage included with the lease. If your current motorcycle insurance doesn't have storage coverage and you don't get it at the storage facility, it's important to get the bike covered.

How Is the Security?

If you have security concerns, check out the facility in person. Inquire if there are cameras around the property and inside the building where the climate-controlled units are accessed. Look at the locks that are used on the doors and ask if the lock combinations are changed between all tenants. Find a facility that has gate locks as well if you want added protection.

Not only does a climate-controlled unit help to preserve the bike mechanics and prevent you from having to winterize your motorcycle, but it also protects the bike from weathering. You don't have to worry about the damage that can occur when the bike is stored outside your home. A locked unit allows you peace of mind and easy access to the bike at any time.

To find a climate-controlled unit, reach out to a facility like Inland Boat and Storage.


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