FAQs About Storing An RV

Posted on: 12 April 2023

A recreational vehicle (RV) is not one of the common vehicles that people use for running errands and taking care of everyday needs. An RV is usually used as the living quarters for the owner, or as a vehicle that is primarily used for traveling. If you would like to purchase an RV for your traveling need but have concerns regarding how it will be stored, consider storing the vehicle away from home. After purchasing the vehicle, find a storage facility in your area that has space available for storing an RV. Questions that you might have regarding RV storage facilities are answered in this article.

How Secure is an RV Storage Facility?

If you do not like the idea of storing your RV away from home due to theft and other types of criminal activity, do not worry. RV storage facilities are usually safe enough to put customers' worries at ease. The actual level of security varies, but gated access is one of the common security features. For example, criminals will have a difficult time entering the property without a code to open the gate. You might also find a facility that has security guards patrolling the property for suspicious activity.

Are Long-Term Storage Units Available?

RV storage units can be rented on a long-term basis, but you must ask the facility of your choice to make sure. The facility may allow customers to rent a unit on a month-to-month basis. There will likely be a variety of rental options to choose between that can meet your storage needs. Depending on the facility chosen, you might be able to rent a unit on a yearly basis. Paying on a yearly basis is convenient because you will not have to remember to pay your bill each month.

How Much Does RV Storage Cost?

The cost of an RV storage unit varies depending on the type that you choose. For example, a unit that has air conditioning is more expensive than a unit without air conditioning available. You can also choose storage space rather than a completely enclosed unit, which might be less expensive. A space might not be enclosed, but it will have a roof to offer your RV some protection from the sun and other elements. The square footage of space that is needed for storing your RV will also be factored into what you must pay.

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