Security That Makes A Storage Unit Safe

Posted on: 7 August 2023

When renting a storage unit, many people become focused on the size of the unit that they are renting and if it offers climate control. However, you should also put some thought into the security of the storage facility itself. Here are a few things to look for to know that a storage facility is secure.

Gated Access

You'll want a storage facility that has some sort of entry control system that will prevent anyone from walking into the facility.  This could be something as complicated as a key card that only allows renters into the building, or as simple as a passcode that needs to be known. It will prevent others that do not belong there from just walking up to the storage facility. 

Security Cameras

It's always good to know if there are security cameras located in the facility to track where people are in the building. Security cameras can be a great deterrent that will stop some people from breaking into a storage unit because they run the risk of being caught.  The potential thief may decide to skip the storage facility because the risk is too high with so many cameras.


Lighting is not only key for helping you load and unload a storage unit but also to make sure that you can see anyone in the area. Lighting will prevent people from hiding in the shadows and waiting for someone to open up their storage unit. This makes it safe for anyone that is visiting a storage unit at night.

On-Site Employees

Some storage facilities do not have employees running the place at all, which means that there is nobody verifying who should and should not be there. It may be important to you to have a lobby with someone sitting at a front desk, even if all they do is greet people as they come in and keep an eye on security cameras. 

Unit Alarms

A feature that may be provided by a storage facility is unit alarms. These will trigger if someone were to tamper with a storage unit without disabling the alarm. The loud noise should be enough to draw eyes to the unit and cause a criminal to run away instead of stick around. 

Secure Locks

Does a storage unit allow you to bring your own lock, or does the facility provide them? You may have a preference about who provides the locks so that you can pick one that is secure.  While no lock is 100% secure, some are more secure than others.

For more information on self-storage units, contact a professional near you.


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