• Recovering From An Injury? Rent A Storage Unit To Move Your Boat From A Dock

    While healthy, you may love taking your boat out on the water so much that you keep it docked for most of the year. Instead of having to prepare to take your boat out to a nearby water source, you can just drive to the dock where your boat is located and get everything set up in minutes. However, when you get injured and know that you have a lengthy recovery process, you should consider moving your boat from the wet dock to a storage unit until you recover completely.
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  • What To Look For In A Self-Storage Facility

    Self-storage facilities are a great way to hold onto the valuable and larger items within your home that you still love and want to have access to, but simply do not have the storage space within your home to keep laying around throughout the year. However, despite all having the same function, self-storage facilities can come with different features, which can affect how well they can meet your storage needs. Understanding some of the things that you should look for in your storage facility can help you find the one that is the most secure and the best choice for keeping your items in.
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